Onboard Right.

Learn & Develop

Invest a bit of your precious time with us and we’ll customize and tailor an onboarding package so good, your new hires will Tweet about it.

Start Right

Your own employees will do their best work when paired with the structure and planning that a good onboarding program delivers.

The 'First 60'

We’ll help evaluate new hires within the first 60 days to ensure they’re well equipped and on the right track.


Aboard was founded on the principle that you need to start right to go far. Onboarding, as the first step in any new hire’s journey with an employer, requires more attention, investment, and planning. We can provide these services for growing organizations that want the best of both worlds.

Lee MacDonald

Product & Operations Lead

Lee is a lifelong wantrepreneur who has been held back by the possibility of homelessness and starvation. He brings recruitment experience, operations management, and onboarding program development to Aboard’s founding team.

Evan Hallward

Sales & Marketing Lead

Evan is a reluctant salesperson and atypical, A-type millennial tryhard. He brings sales & marketing experience, business operations, and communications experience to Aboard’s founding team.

Get Onboard With Aboard

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